I am a Pleiadian Starseed, a Mystic and a Seeker incarnated here on Mother Earth on a mission. I became aware of this in 2005 through a message from my Guardian Angel, Lucinda. My mission here is teaching and healing. I help heal the Earth and Humanity using energies from Spirit transferred to me by my Star family through a meditation process. This healing energy is sourced mainly from the photon belt. This meditation process also gives me “ downloads” in knowledge and visions. 

I have always been a Seeker and began actively seeking answers to my many questions approximately 45 years ago. I have felt close to Mother Earth since I was a small child and felt a connection to the Diva’s, Elementals, and all plant and animal life. I became a channel into higher vibrations of Love and Light through meditation, self-study, life coaching, mentoring and trusting personal guidance. Part of my mission is to assist other Seekers on their path by sharing The Ancient Wisdom.

Contact me:  bethel.barr@gmail.com