Mistake? or Opportunity!

We’ve all said the words – “I’ve made a mistake”. We tend to think of a mistake as a wrong, something we did that was wrong. The Spirit world tells us that there is no right nor wrong, only lessons. In their world, there is no judgement. They do not judge themselves nor anyone else – it just “is”.

Wise is the soul who learns from their perceived “mistakes”. Instead of beating ourselves up over something we said or did that we later regret, our best option is to move forward and stay in the higher vibrations. Being annoyed at ourselves serves no purpose, it only drags us down and makes us unhappy.

Take a step back, look at the situation objectively and understand that we are Divine Beings in Human form and are not perfect in all of our thoughts, words, and actions. Our Human side will surface occasionally and that is normal. We are all here to experience life and attain soul growth, that is the goal of each incarnate.

We are however, responsible for our thoughts, words and actions. Blaming someone else is not conducive to soul growth. Taking responsibility for what we think, say and do, shows soul maturity.

We have other duties aside from evolving that we chose to accomplish while on this planet, such as life lessons, service to others by healing, teaching or by just “being”. We are higher dimensional Beings who can do much good by simply shining our Light. Also, many of us are here to clear karma from past lifetimes.

So – my point in writing this blog is to let others know that there are no mistakes, only opportunities. We can all take a giant step forward on our path by learning and growing from each and every situation. It is an experience, a learning process and is very valuable.

Here are some words of wisdom:

In any experience, it is not the situation that holds the importance, it is how you deal with it. Do you Act or React? Do you go into the negative vibrations or move on and gain soul growth from this game of life we are all involved in?

I and ONLY I
am in charge of and responsible for
my thoughts, words, deeds and emotions.
No one else.
It is called “Self-Mastery”

Thank you to my Star Grandmother for these words.

November 10, 2017


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