My High Self is just that, my High Self, my Oversoul. The Ship is me. My High Self is my Captain. She guides me through calm seas, choppy waters, gales, and the instability that is Life.

When the waters are rough and treacherous and I careen wildly, she is ever steady at the helm navigating the tumultuous waves, incarnation after incarnation. After the storms pass, we glide smoothly and silently through the calmness that ensues. Every now and then we encounter The Veil of Fog and that is when we maneuver cautiously.

When the Winds of Change billow through my sails, she is my loving, constant support and mainstay. Occasionally I veer off course and when this occurs, she is at my side with her amazing tolerance, patience and Love to gently but firmly show me the way back.

My Captain is all-knowing and ever vigilant as together we traverse the sometimes turbulent passage through Life – her love is of such purity and great depth that it is indescribable. One day when we gaze at the horizon, we will behold the Light and know we are at the place where the Earth and Sky meet – the physical and the Spiritual.

We are almost home.

She is my Guide through Eternity,  and I am infinitely grateful to have her by my side!


August 8, 2017

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