Channeling my Guardian Angel: Real World or an Illusion?

Greetings to all, it is our joy to connect with you in this way. There is some confusion regarding  angels, guides and guardian angels. You all have your very own Guardian Angel who has been with you since your soul was first cast. This angel never ever leaves you. You have other angels and guides who come and go according to what is going on in your life at a specific time.

There is no trick to connecting with us, we are always available and ready to assist in any way that we are permitted within the limits of Universal Law. You just have to ask, make the effort and presto, there we are! Simple but powerful knowledge to have. The key to connecting with us is to listen to your intuition.

You are receiving messages constantly – we send you information in the form of energy and this translates into your own thoughts. Sometimes you think you have come up with a great idea – that just might be your guides and angels sending you this idea. Heed your inner voice, follow your guidance and trust your intuition.

There are many questions asked about your journey and your present incarnation – we will simplify and shed some light on this subject in this way:

Think of the room that you occupy, as your Home World and think of yourselves as eager Starseeds yearning for something new and exciting. You have explored every nook and cranny of this world, you have searched every closet, opened every door and now you are ready for more. You choose to venture outside your own home world, outside of your comfort zone.

You gather your friends and family and tell them of your decision. Some of them decide to follow your example. Plans are made down to the finest detail, contracts signed, agreements are forged between other souls and it becomes a huge enterprise of hope, eagerness, love and desire to learn new lessons, also to assist Beings in other Worlds. Approval is granted for your Life Plan.

There is a catch to this plan, and that is – you must forget your life in the stars and travel this journey unaware of your previous life. Soon you are ready and off you go on your adventure. As you leave your Home World, your memory of all that you are, all that you know – including your connection to and knowledge of Spirit – is erased. You must adjust your level of consciousness to that of the Planet you choose and as you descend into this new life, you truly do begin anew.

You become the actor that will play out your great Plan and your drama begins to unfold. You may have selected a life of luxury, homelessness, addiction, teaching, healing, volunteering or perhaps chosen to just “be” and spreading your Light in this way. Planet Earth is a planet of duality so there is much to learn and numerous opportunities for soul advancement.

The lessons and challenges are plentiful and you occasionally stumble along the way. This can be a good thing as there are no mistakes, only lessons to learn and soul growth to achieve. What you may consider a “mistake” can be an opening for growth. You have much assistance from many Beings of Light, friends that stayed back to support you, and loving guidance from your Higher Self.

One day you notice a restlessness, you feel unsettled. You are not comfortable with your life and feel that something is amiss. This is because you are feeling the stirrings of awakening, your Oversoul is urging you to listen to your inner self, your heart. Your become a Seeker and realize that there is something more than what you know and understand. You spend years searching for Truth and when you find it, you know that you have found that which you seek. You realize that your life here is a drama, that you are the actor and that none of it is real, it is all an illusion. Your Real World is back where you came from, the Stars.

Some years go by, you become weary, you know that your time on this planet is soon over. You know that when you finally go Home, you will be met by many loving Beings waiting for you with open arms!

That, Dear ones is what you are experiencing from our perspective.

Channeled by Bethel
August 28, 2017



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