The Shadow People

Come out, come out, wherever you are – why are you hiding in the shadows? Come out and shine your bright and beautiful Light. You cannot grow in the shadows, you need the Light, the Light is there for you to evolve. The Light is warm, loving and everlasting. The Light is Eternity, yours for the taking. Will you not avail yourself of this beautiful Gift, the gift of Life, Love, Peace, and Harmony?

So many beautiful souls hide in the shadows. Why? Fear is the culprit, fear that saps their life force, leaving them alone, wandering aimlessly, always searching – searching for what? They know not what, but the urge to keep seeking is strong and that is because their

Oversoul is driving the bus. The “bus” being the Path they chose before incarnation.

The fear is from ego, fear of ridicule from their friends, family, acquaintances, the neighbors or anyone else who is not on the Spiritual Path. What these souls do not understand is that the “friends” are not really friends if they sit in judgement and do not respect another’s choice, another’s way of life.

It can be difficult to cope with family members that do not agree with the Spiritual path, especially if they follow a particular religion. One way to face this challenge is to ask that they respect your choice even if they do not agree with it. Acquaintances are just that, they come and go in your life and usually their opinion does not make a huge impact, the same can be said for neighbors.

Here are some words of wisdom from my 19 year old Granddaughter, Julia:

It’s such a waste of time to worry about what other people think of you, it’s none of our business what they think, that is their world, not ours.
Unquote.         Thank you Julia for these words, could not have said it better myself!~

Each soul chose their journey before incarnating here on planet Earth for the lessons they need to learn, for Karmic reasons or for the experience. The Universe operates on balance so a soul might have lived a life of luxury in the past and then chose to experience the other, a life of struggles such as spending time in an institution where they are able to bring Light to others that desperately need it.

This type of incarnation is labeled  STO or Service to Others. Another  example of STO is someone who chose a life as a homeless vagrant or a drug addict and in this way is able to  teach others compassion just by “being”. There are various ways of being in Service to others such as healing, teaching or just living in the Light each day, thus bringing happiness to those they come in contact with.

Occasionally a soul will begin to experience the stirrings of awakening to their Source and not realize what is happening to them. This stirring can come in different forms such as an illness where the body needs to move forward and the third dimensional consciousness cannot or will not accept the urging of the Oversoul. The body will often “step in” and manifest joint pain as a way of saying “move forward on your journey”.

Be brave dear souls, follow the urgings of Spirit, come out of the shadows, shine your beautiful Light for all to see – it will be worth it!

Love and Light


Quote from Creator:

It is time to step into who you are going to be and into your I Am. See yourself as I see you; perfect, whole, beautiful and shining brightly! ~ Creator

Jennifer Farley

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