LORD ASHTAR: Commander-in-Chief of Galactic Federation (Fleet) of Light 

Channeled by Bethel Barr July 27, 2017

Greetings – I AM Lord Ashtar – we bring a message to you today of hope & encouragement that will lift your spirits.

We are nearing the end, some say The End Times. that is not a bad thing, it is the end of the old and a blazing new beginning for this Planet and all who occupy her. The old adage is true, there is Light at the end of the tunnel,  the end of tunnel being your many incarnations through various lifetimes. YOU are the Light, you and every other soul who feels the stirrings of Spirit and awakens to their true Self. Your Light will assist in bringing about the liberation of this Planet!

Never underestimate your Power, you are powerful and the Dark ones have done their best to make you forget that. You are almost through your hardships and sacrifices. We applaud you, we acknowledge your strength and endurance in the face of all that you endure on this planet as you constantly go forward in spite of these challenges.

You are our ground contacts, without you we could not accomplish the work that we do. When you put forth your effort, we magnify it and thus, are able to do our part. For this, we say a heartfelt Thank You.

Yes, Dear ones, the Light on this planet is increasing daily, we see the changes from our vantage point as more and more souls awaken to their true purpose, that is to spread the Light. You are the ones who are making the difference. The dark forces are scattering in disarray, trying desperately to hold onto their control but it is slipping away and they are confused – running scared, some infighting and chaos reigns as they feel the end of their power over this planet and it’s occupants.

Take heart, the final days are near, our landings will happen soon. Focus on the Joy that will be present when you are united with your friends and family from the stars – this will be cause for great celebration.

There is some Fear on this planet about extraterrestrials that is generated by the dark forces – it is deliberate and their motivation is to cause that fear, thus having more control over you. KNOW THIS – we are benevolent Beings with Creator’s plan our first goal and we come to you with the highest vibration of Love.

We have been in your skies for thousands of your years, doing what we love to do – protect, support, guide and assist. We are many and originate from various planets throughout the Galaxies. We do have among us, some on-lookers, those from different Universes who are curious about this great endeavor that you participate in. Curious to know how this mass ascension of planet & humanity is done and what the final outcome will be.

When you look up in your skies, know that we are there, cloaked, but still there. We wait and assist in whatever way that Universal Law permits – and we send you constant Love!

I AM Ashtar

The Galactic Connection 

Source: http://galacticconnection.com/lord-ashtar-commander-galactic-confederation/

With imminent Announcements and First Contact closing in its about time to try to learn more about about these Space Brothers- the members of the Galactics and the Head of the Ashtar Command, specifically, in more detail. This would assist every person to get familiar with them before they arrive and perhaps ease any anxiousness or worry to a degree for those open to it or just curious. Or in denial..still.I feel that much has been written, filmed, reported and discussed about possible existence of these beings but much less is actually being covered and shared about them, who they are, why they are here and where they come from. Believe it or not there is plenty on the World Wide Web and from contacts/contactees and experiencers to help fill in the gaps, uncover the mystery and ‘put a face’ to the names.

Lord Ashtar & Commander of the Galactic Confederation

There are reportedly millions of starcraft in our solar system at any given time and many are said to belong to the Ashtar Command. But what is the Ashtar Command? Is there a real person named Ashtar or is it just a label?

Commander Ashtar, also known as Lord Ashtar, is a very real albeit spiritual being and is the presiding Commander in Chief of the Ashtar Galactic Command but is also a Lord of Light, one of the Sons of Light, a Son of God. He is a non-fallen ETHERIC and Celestial Personage that has astute spiritual advancements, above and beyond the level of ascended masters we know of on Earth. Many of these original spiritual masters serving the Earth system have originated from other planets in our galaxy like Jupiter, Venus and Mars, etc (higher dimensional aspects!) or star systems like Vega, The Dog Star and, Sirius B Star Systems, along with Alcyone, the Pleiades, etc. There are also a few from within the Inner Earth and out and away beyond the outer reaches of our galaxy, as well.Lord or Commander Ashtar has an unprecedented and stellar background within the parameters of Divine, Cosmic and Universal Law and Light and has always revealed a steadfast loyalty and devotion to Divine Principle that reveals his honorable character, persona and yes, his very nature! Which has been renown throughout the vestiges of time and space for never straying or going against the Divine Will or Laws of the Supreme Deity or Creator-of-all-That-Is! Therefore his worthiness, in regarding this high status, title and Office have indicated to all spiritually awakened that no one else could ever be found that was more suited and qualified to hold such a position within the Divine and Universal Multi-Dimensionality anywhere in Creation then he!

He began his training eons ago under the Master Lineage known as ‘The Spiritual Travelers’.

Though etheric Lord Ashtar can appear to those he wishes to see him or his ships. If he were to appear before you, you would see a golden-haired, very tall being, apparently in his late 30’s or early 40s but is actually a being of untold years.Commander Ashtar’s service to this our galaxy was initially assigned by the High Council of Nine who serve as Spiritually Divine Agents of the Supreme Creator and His direct administrators while under the direct auspices of Lord Surea and Lord Sananda (the same Lord Jesus, appointed Redeemer Savior and Son of the Most High born in Bethlehem – one and the same but Resurrected/Ascended and now known as Lord Sananda, Esu Emmanuel!).

Within this universe Lord Ashtar operates through the auspices of Lord Metatron, Office of the Christ, Order of Melchizedek as well as the Archangelic Command of Arch Angel Michael and his legions of Angels.

Commander Ashtar is an extremely loving, kind and gentle man but of stern countenance and unabashed commitment regarding His mission to serve, educate and protect humankind throughout the solar system!

Here I must add that Commander Ashtar and His crew do not wish to be thought of or misrepresented as Gods or deities but as Family! He and his Command look upon us as brothers and sisters on this path of ascension and beyond. Equals. No more. No less!Two of his primary missions are to spiritually re-educate mankind to their true missions and purpose for being here, and secondly to defend and protect Planet Earth, our Galaxy and the Solar System from hostile and “dark” extraterrestrial groups, that is ETs that are only in service to Self! I would hope, with 2012 less then a year away, that many are able to both see and comprehend the difference.

Once people are able to fully understand this reality of Commander Ashtar and his renown dedication and purity of purpose to us, and our Ascension, the gratitude and blessings that would be sent to Him and His amazing crew and workers should be stellar!What IS The Ashtar Command?

The Ashtar Galactic Command is above and beyond other UFO or ET group(s) you may have heard of. They are, quite literally, the “Hosts of Heaven” who over lighted, guided and serve the Most High God, the Lord God of Hosts and His Son, Our Most Radiant One, Emanuel, Jesus the Christ during His Earthly incarnation (and after as He, known now as the Ascended One, Lord Sananda is aboard and issues orders to the Ashtar Command directly) and Commander Ashtar continues to serve and assist in supporting the Ascension of our planet which will become a true part of Humanity’s Kingdom.

Although this might sound as if it were coming from the bible this is not a religious discourse but a spiritual one! Even their ships are ethereal and of celestial make up (more about them another time) of finer stuff then metals, alloys or bolts!

Interestingly, their true interplanetary craft, the Ventlas of their forces, will appear to us and thru our optics (eyes and instruments) as a bright grouping of multi-colored lights, mostly green, red and white. They will sometimes appear a steady red and green, other times they will appear to be flashing! So, next time you look up and see these colors you maybe looking at one or more of the Ashtar Fleet!What Beings Make up The Ashtar Command?

Member Nations within the Command are comprised of many beings, in semi-solid or Light Forms, etheric or celestial such as the Elohim or Creator Beings, Angels, Intra Dimensional ET’s, Ultra-ET types, Lords and Ladies of Light, Divine Beings, Devas, Dolphin and Whale beings, and more. Representatives from higher dimensional planes, galaxies and star systems are present, no matter from where, if they are a part of the Ashtar Command they are “Of Service to Others”, it can be no other way. Millions and millions of nation members and beings come under the Auspices of The Ashtar Command at high levels of Spiritual development, both ascended or ascending working toward the Ascension of both us and Mother Earth who they call Gaia. It must be noted here that many Humans, of the Human Template, are there in their original (non-fallen) Divine Image known as the Adam Kadmon. All of Mankind is destined (or is in the process of being returned) to this Divine pattern of the Adam Kadmon. It is why what happens here will be a part of the successful and inevitable Ascension Process spreading throughout Space and Time – all of Creation and is the reason the Ashtar Command stands ready to assist us with millions of ships stationed around or near this planet! And is the very reason that no nuclear detonation, spills or leakages or any doomsday scenario will be allowed to manifest. Period! As it goes against the Divine Decree of the Creator of All That Is and these ‘angels’ on High – The Ashtar Command, in the millions are here to allow Ascension to come to us and this planet undisturbed, uninterrupted and in Peace!

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