Your Path. Your Journey. Ascension – Part 1

Resistance vs Surrender   

It’s been a long while since I put words to paper for this website. Dry spell perhaps. I have been thinking of my / our journeys here on planet Earth at this time in history.Two words are forefront in my mind as I write this. They are “ resistance “ and “surrender’.

Sometimes I say “Okay, that’s it, I am not resisting anything anymore, I surrender totally to Spirit on this Path of mine. I surrender to the loving leadership and guidance of my Higher Self. She has projected a part of herself into this physical body to learn and grow spiritually and I am going to do exactly as she wishes. She is my Boss! “

Woe is me, soon after that positive way of thinking, my Ego comes forward and takes over and then my resistance kicks in. Ego seems to think it knows better than Higher Self. That of course causes what my Star family refer to as “negative results.”

I used to think it meant punishment but was assured that in the higher dimensions, there is no punishment, only negative results for an action performed. The way my Higher Self explained it to me is that punishment is what one soul does to another for some perceived wrong. “Negative Results” are what ensues after an inappropriate action is committed. There is a huge difference.

The truth is that whatever we resist, whatever we give more energy to, grows stronger. It is like throwing fuel on the fire.

When we volunteer to incarnate here on Earth and are accepted, we sign an agreement which is binding. No one forces us to do anything, it is all our choice. However, once here in the physical, we forget our agreement and then feel like a victim – which we are not. I have felt like a victim many times – why is this happening to me? What is going on? I did nothing wrong.

All of these thoughts come to mind and then the “victim” part comes into play. I am NOT a victim, I chose everything that is happening in my life but when times are challenging, it is easier for me to feel like a victim than to take responsibility for my own actions.

My Star grandmother told me that my “Path is difficult to say the least” . That is true and true for so many Lightworkers in these times of extreme change and of course the chaos created by the Cabal as we strive for soul advancement and Peace on Earth.

I know many souls are struggling to stay centered and calm in the face of the Cabal’s last dying attempts to stop the Light – but that is impossible, it cannot be stopped. It is the will of the Divine so it will never be stopped, sometimes slowed down a little but it continues to grow as more and more souls “Wake up” to the truth of our planet, our history and the presence of the Galactics in our skies.

My strength comes from knowing that it is all by Divine plan and that I must take full responsibility for my thoughts, words, deeds and emotions to ascend, which is my ultimate goal. I send Gratitude to my loving Star family, my Team and my Higher Self for all the amazing Love and support I receive daily.

Live in Love, Love to Live, Love is all, all is One.

~ Creator

This was given to me by my Creator one morning over a year ago as I walked in the Sonoran desert in Arizona.


May 8, 2017

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