Critical Thinking – Critical Reasoning

Sometimes the title for a blog just pops into my head – well, not really, my Team usually gives me an idea of what they would like me to write about. So here it is. These words came into my mind and I began to wonder, “what is critical thinking?” That opens a whole new concept for me.

I was out in the desert this morning enjoying the plant life and solitude and started talking out loud to myself about this very subject. The words just kept flowing and of course I was channeling. I will ask my Team to work with me again as I write this.

Musing upon this subject caused me to realize that in fact, “Critical Thinking” is more than using discernment, it is all about using our God-given blessed gift of intuition! When we acknowledge the truth that comes from the heart, aka, our intuition, we see the light or gain en-Light-enment.

The heart chakra is where we hold our Love and Love is the most powerful force in the multiverse. When we come from a place of Love, the Truth is what happens. Where there is Love, there is no room for anything else, the negative energies cannot hold the same space as the energy of Love. Love is all prevailing, all encompassing – Love is all there really is.

We need to think critically because we are in critical times. The planet and humanity are at an auspicious place in “Time”, we are on the move, we are heading for ascension, heading for a New Earth, heading for the place we once were where Peace, Love and Joy were the order of the day. A place where there is only Love, all have an abundance of everything that is needed .

Critical thinking is also about using discernment when reading information on the internet or anywhere else and of course when watching or listening to the news from the mainstream media. I like the title “Critical Thinking” because in this lifetime, we need to be very critical of any information. So much of it is fake, overblown, or just plain untrue.

The news media loves sensationalism and so they play the same gory scenes over and over, tell us again and again, sometimes for a week, how many people died, how bad everything in the world is – and this is just not true. One way to avoid this hype is to shut off the TV !

Our world is beautiful, full of kind hearted people , compassionate people, caring, loving human beings. The good in this world far surpasses any negativity, but negativity is mainly what we see and hear on the news. This is done for a variety of different reasons, the main one is to create FEAR which they most often do because the majority of folks fall for the hype and ugly details of news media hype.

When fear is created, it is difficult for humanity to focus on the good that is prevelant on this planet. Another reason for the “dark hats” to create fear is for the money and power that is generated from rabid sensationalism. Greed and power like to rule our world, it is up to all of us to see through this and do what we can to make a difference.

We can do this by staying positive, shining our own Light and using the power of intuition to see through the tactics of the dark forces. They are the ones who benefit from our fear. They benefit by using fear to control our lives and emotions. We are powerful Creator Beings, we all are children of God, we all have the Godspark within us, we just have forgotten that truth because of the eons of suppression, torture and conditioning by those that have the big dollars to be able to hold the power.

I for one, desire a planet of Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Love!



January 20, 2017

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