Chaos to Calm, Clarity and Understanding

The month of November has been a month of changes, a month of releasing, a month of struggles for so many as we dig ourselves out of the mire we’ve been slogging through for centuries. It has been a time of stirring up of old beliefs, a real battle between the Old and the New.  A time of releasing, bringing up all that does not match the frequencies of the planet and the collective. It has been a difficult month for many, myself included.

Sometimes it seems that we are not making any headway or forward movement in our work of lifting ourselves and others, but that is an illusion. We are ever moving forward towards Source. We recognize the challenge, deal with it and then process the changes we have brought about. It is not an easy task and the battle I am having is an inner one, an emotional one. Silent but intense. Outwardly, it appears that nothing is going on but inwardly there is a lot happening. I know this is true for many others as well as myself.

Processing the changes takes time, sometimes days, sometime weeks, depending on the severity of the change. Many do not realize what is happening to them, to their lives, to their day & nights. Much occurs in the night, in our sleep time that we are not consciously aware of. This takes form in physical discomfort, such as loss of appetite, headaches, upset stomach perhaps joint problems.

It also affects our mental body. We might wake confused, not completely back in our body and wondering what just occurred or we may feel a huge sense of sadness and /or despair for no apparent reason, we may wake too soon and hear ourselves talking to some unknown, unseen Being, we may feel exhausted and not know why. There are so many ways our four bodies are affected by our sleep time activities. Being aware of this is a big help.

Our inner bodies are being changed, our DNA, our very cells – we are transforming into higher Beings of Light and it takes patience, perseverance and the ability to love ourselves, to not judge ourselves when feelings and memories arise that makes us uncomfortable.

There is also emotional discomfort and sometimes anguish as we face past lives, memories, and when we really see ourselves, the true us, that can bring about mental discomfort. When that happens, it is important to remember that our Creator does not judge us, nor do our Star families, WE are our hardest taskmaster, we demand the highest morals and values from ourselves, no one else.

That is because we know that whatever is happening to us is what we chose to experience in our pre-incarnate contract. When we remember this important truth, we then stop blaming others for our predicament, for our circumstances – we place that responsibility where it belong, on ourselves! This is not an easy task, I know from personal experience. One thing I do, that really helps me to remember this truth is to make a big sign for myself, place it where I can see it throughout the day, on the fridge, by my computer or anywhere that I will notice it.

Then when I really get off track, my High Self takes over and makes me “sit up and take notice”. She does not allow me to play “the Victim”, she makes me realize and understand that I and only I am responsible for my actions. That is when I have to dig myself out of the Pit of Self-Pity, take a “happy pill”, and move ever forward.

As we release old patterns and belief systems, as we purge ourselves of everything that is keeping us in the lower frequencies and vibrations, things may seem chaotic and painful. This is a necessary purge because the more we release the “old”, the Lighter we become and we begin to move up into a higher dimension. I tell myself that if I was not strong enough to do this, I would not have agreed to incarnate here at this time. I know that I am strong, strong enough to be triumphant over any situation placed in my Path. This is a good affirmation for me to say to myself often.

I sometimes relate this journey to a Merry-Go-Round, easy to get on and difficult to get off of. I know that as long as I do not learn the lesson set before me, it keeps recurring, over and over again until I finally “get it”. My High Self places the situation (lesson)  it in my face time and time again, eventually I catch on and stop resisting and when I stop resisting, everything – feelings, emotions, physical discomfort – all smooth out and flow with ease. When our vibration matches that of the Universe, life beings to flow naturally and Calm ensues.

I have come to realize that my personal mission here is to master the Ego. Our High Self gives us the Ego so that we do have the chance to master it, to learn the lessons we need to learn and to overcome all the doubts and fears that arise. By Ego, I don’t mean “ I am the best in the world”, when I refer to my Ego, I mean that all the doubts, fears, frustration, anxiety, anger, resistance has to be mastered. It means total surrender to Source, to my Path, to my High Self. Surrender all that does not serve me, all that is not for my highest and best good and release anything, any energies that drag me down into negativity, self-pity and the role of The Victim.

We are not victims, we are Divine Beings having a Human experience. We are here to learn, here to work for Source, here to help lift the planet and humanity by living in Love, feeling compassion for our fellow humans and knowing that we are ever loved and supported by a multitude of Heavenly Beings, our Galactic family, and our Team that works with us always. We are never alone.

I finally received Calmness, Clarity & Understanding – a major breakthrough for me. I have stopped resisting the flow of life, the River of Life and surrendered to Spirit. I know my Mission is to teach & Heal, I also know that my personal mission is to master my Ego personality. That is why I AM here on planet earth at this time in the history of the multiverse!

Wise words from my Star Grandmother:

I and Only I, am in charge of and responsible for

My thoughts, Words, Deeds and Emotions. No one else.

It is called Self Mastery.



November 26, 2016

One thought on “Chaos to Calm, Clarity and Understanding

  1. Bethel, I needed to be reminded of all of this! Thank you! Very well said. 😅💓👭Sending love and appreciation. I so look forward to seeing you again. It feels like a lot of time has passed since we visited…

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