Making Sense of Your Life

Sometimes life just does not seem to make any sense – do you ever have days when you feel that this is true? I am sure we all have.

We incarnate here with high hopes of achieving soul growth, assisting humanity and the planet, then we take the Veil of Forgetfulness. Once birthed, we are on our own – or so we think. We are never alone, we always have our Guides and Angels around us as we struggle through all the challenges that we set before ourselves. When we are still in our unconscious state, our unawakened state, we not aware of this assistance so we feel alone and lost.

I often think of it as clawing my way through a thick fog, I know I see a light at the end, but the way through is murky and difficult. I stumble, I sometimes fall, then pick myself up and move forward because an unseen force is urging me on. This unseen force is my Oversoul.

The Veil is necessary and the reason why is, if we knew all the answers we would not learn anything! Living in the higher dimensions is wonderful – I know it is because I am becoming more aware of the life I once lived there but we do not have the opportunity to learn and grow there the way we do here on planet Earth.

This planet is labeled “Earth School” by those in the higher dimensions and for a good reason. It is a planet of duality and the lessons that we learn here are usually difficult. We become fast learners while incarnating here or we do not advance spiritually at the rate our soul desires to.

On the other side of the Veil we are able to view the past, present and future therefore we can see the results of our actions and in doing so, we can then change our thoughts, words and deeds. This is called the Law of Cause and Effect.

“Change your actions and you change your life

Transform your thoughts and you will create a whole new destiny”

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This truth applies in any dimension, it is known in other spheres but often not readily common knowledge here on planet Earth. Once we learn this truth, life makes more sense and becomes less difficult.

Another truth that helps make sense of our life, of our journey, is the knowledge that our path was chosen by our very selves, we chose the lessons before we incarnated. Once we recognize and acknowledge this, we stop blaming everyone else for our trials and challenges. We then begin to take responsibility for our own lives. What an incredibly freeing revelation!

It is important to remember that everything unfolds as it is meant to, according to Divine plan. Trust the process, trust the plan, trust the Universe. We may stumble and even fall sometimes and when this happens, don’t lose hope, face the challenge and continue on.

Jesus once said to me when I was being challenged and sad, “ No one said it would be easy. Press ever forward”. How very true!

Enjoy your Journey, celebrate your struggles and your achievements, celebrate your life on this beautiful planet! I like to remember a quote that I received from Creator while walking in the desert, “Live in Love, love to live, Love is all, all is One”.


October 18, 2016


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