This blog information is a combination of a channeling from AA Michael, October 5, 2016 and my own thoughts added to the mix.

Change is good, everything changes, the Universe, the Galaxies, the Planets, Planet Earth, the seasons, the animals, the plants, you – you change constantly. Change is many things, change is an opportunity to choose and an opportunity to grow. ( AA Michael )

Without change we would be stagnant and that produces no growth. Life is about choices, it is about our spiritual journey. The choices we make through changes, affect our evolution. Through change, we are able to choose to go forward, remain stagnant, go backwards, or according to AA Michael we can even go sideways if we want to! But go we must, or be left straggling behind in our goals and aspirations.

The energies that Humanity and the planet are experiencing now and in the past few months and will continue to experience are like nothing this planet has ever encountered and this produces major Change in our lives. Many feelings, much Karma, past life events, lots of the “old” is being stirred up to be recognized, acknowledged, dealt with then released.

These energies and this time in the history of the planet and Humanity are all about releasing – getting rid of – the “old” to make room for the “new”. If we resist, there will be no progress and our journey will stall.

Sometimes Change brings adversity and confusion. This is a good thing because adversity and confusion bring growth and clarity. When understanding (clarity) is reached, growth will then ensue.

So Change is good!

October 7, 2016

Read: “The Creator Writings” by Jennifer Farley Oct.3, 2016

For each moment you are on this Earth-plane, you are given choices. You can use them to your advantage or release them. It is up to you. ~ Creator

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