The Power of Positivity     

We humans sometimes have difficulty staying in the vibration of Positivity. I am speaking of myself as well as most of humanity when I say we have our “ups and downs” regarding positive thinking.

From September 2012 until December 2012, I received the same message over and over from my Guides and Guardian Angel – “monitor your thoughts”. I did and it took about two years for me through constant monitoring of my thoughts to stay in the energy of positivity. It is not, was not an easy task for me. It all ties in with loving oneself, forgiving oneself and non- judgment of self.

We have entered a New Age, we are creating a New Earth, a new way of living as in moving towards clean energy in the northern hemisphere. Some governments are doing the best they can by making a start in that direction. Humanity en masse has made the choice to go forward into a new way of thinking, letting go of the old status quo and thinking outside the box, knowing that the Earth cannot sustain the “old” systems anymore, systems that abuse the earth and those that depend upon her for their existence.

Mother Earth is reacting to eons of abuse by shaking off the negativity that she has absorbed through humanity’s wars, thoughts, words, deeds and emotions,  She is “cleaning out her closet” so to speak, clearing the way for the newness that has arrived. Before the New can be implemented, the Old must go.

Humanity can best serve the New by being aware of our thoughts and making the choice to send positive energy out into the ethers. We can do this as a single human or group meditation. Group meditation is an extremely powerful tool and very, very effective. More and more groups are realizing this truth and doing what they can to make a difference.

We can all make a difference on a daily basis by treating each other with respect and most importantly, follow the Golden Rule. We are the Game changers, we are the “boots on the ground”, we are the ones who are here to make the necessary changes in the energy that is generated by our thoughts, words, deeds and emotions. We are the ones who are clearing the way for those that are coming behind and then they too will make the changes they need to, in their own way.

To be effective in this, we must first make the changes within ourselves then reflect those thoughts and feelings outwardly in the way we react to situations, to people, to life. In this way we create a new world, a world where differences are respected and we move away from the “cookie cutter” society that we now have.

We must look ahead to see the bigger picture, we have the power to create the world we desire, the world we deserve, a world that is founded by love and exists in the vibration of positivity!

Love and Light,
August 4, 2016

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