Defeat – Resolve – Surrender

Three powerful words, I have experienced all three many times, as most of you have as well. I am writing under the guise of Lightworker because that is what I am, and this will resonate with many of you. Being a Lightworker has many challenges, I experience them on a daily basis. Some days are more difficult than others, more challenging, more mis-steps to recover from, more hurts, more alienenation, more friends gone by the wayside, and more misunderstandings with those close to me.

This morning was one of my “challenging” times. Life happens, the body gets tired – some days all four of my bodies are tired ( mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), this was one of those mornings. I felt like saying “ I can’t do this anymore” and when I actually knew that those thoughts went whizzing through my mind, an amazing thing happened! I felt Resolve! I knew I would be stronger when I got through this particular challenge, I knew that I could traverse those waters and come out stronger or I would not have agreed, not have volunteered to incarnate here to do this work.

My Resolve set in, I knew I would be just fine, I knew that whatever lumps and bumps I had to travel over and around on this journey, would be lessons learned and that I would emerge stronger than before. Evolution, soul growth is why we are all here plus a promise to the Mother to work in her service and to carry on no matter what obstacles are thrown in our path. I knew I would not give up, I knew that in the end, I would come out victorious and stronger than ever! Surrender plays a part in this situation as well.

Let us speak of Surrender. Surrender does not mean giving up and capitulating, it does not mean being knocked to our knees, Surender means to surrender to Love.

Surrender: The Next Step to Ascension – St. Germaine  – An Hour With an Angel, July 14, 2016. Thanks to the Golden Age of Gaia & Steve Beckow

Reading this channeling brought beautiful clarity to me, I understood and was grateful. According to St. Germaine, surrender means surrendering oneself to the situation and healing it with love. It means taking a step back from the situation, observing it, remove your consciousness from the chaos and then give it love. We need to be gentle on ourselves, love ourselves when we feel we have acted in a typical 3D manner. In St. Germaine’s words:

You surrender to the divine and you surrender to yourself and the truth of who you are, and you come back to the love.

Surrender these emotions that aren’t the truth of who you are, or perhaps they are, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t want it, ask for help. Surrender it. You see, you think, you feel that this righteous anger somehow achieves something…I am bringing it up – I am letting go. Well then let go.

Finally,I believe it is so very important to be kind to ourselves, to love ourselves in spite of what we consider “our failings, our mis-steps” – folks, it is called being Human!

Thanks to The Golden Age of Gaia for these excerpts from St. Germaine.

Love and Light,
July 31, 2016

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