WIKIPEDIA – defines EXPECTATION as – a strong belief that something will happen in a certain way or be the case in the future.

An expectation, which is a belief that is centered on the future, may or may not be realistic. A less advantageous result gives rise to the emotion of disappointment.

Expectations are a part of everyday life, we all have expectations, meaning we all set ourselves up for disappointment. We set ourselves up for disappointment especially when we have expectations regarding what other people will do or say.

This  brings us back to the saying “ we can only control what we do, say or think, we have no control over what others do, say or think”. It is common sense but so often we forget that. I know I do.

The best way to avoid disappointment by setting expectations is to accept others the way they are and not expect more than they are wiling to give. When you expect too much from people and they don’t live up to your expectations, you place blame on them for your disappointment – the blame should be on you for expecting too much, not on them.

It is wise to remember that no one can hurt your feelings or cause you sadness or disappointment unless you allow it. You have the power to control how you think and feel, you have power over your own emotions. Once you accept this truth, life becomes easier and you put the responsibility where it belongs – on yourself.

It is called, taking responsibility for your own thoughts, words deeds and emotions. You have the power to manage your own emotions and learning this truth aids you on your journey to Self- Mastery. It is an important step on the way to higher consciousness and soul growth.

Peace begins when expectation ends ~ Sri Chinmoy

Love and Light
June 7, 2016

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