ETS – The Galactics

Writing this blog is due to a prompt from my Star family, besides that, it is a subject very dear to my heart. It is important for humanity to know and recognize that the Star Beings, Beings from other Planets, other Star systems are in our atmosphere now and have been for thousands of years.

They are very busy aiding in the clean up of Mother Earth, ( eg: Fukushima nuclear disaster ), our oceans our atmosphere ( eg: chemtrails) and have put a  stop to WW 3. These Beings have neutralized nuclear warheads and will not permit any to be used on humanity.  There is still posturing, boasting, threatening by some gov’ts/ dictators but none will be permitted to unleash active nuclear weapons that harm the Earth or the peoples on it.

The ETs, aka the Galactics are also very busy loving, guiding, protecting and supporting us. Their love, patience, understanding, non-judgement and compassion knows no bounds.

I am a Pleiadian Starseed, all here now are Starseeds. We are born from Source but seeded here from the stars. A Starseed is one from another Planet/ Star system that is here to work, learn and clear Karma. We have spent many lifetimes in this galaxy and in other galaxies and Universes. Most incarnates at this time are very ancient souls who are here to aid in Gaia’s ascension and ascend with her. There are those who are here briefly and will return at a kinder, gentler time, others contracted to spend time here learning or clearing Karma and when finished, will leave before ascending. All are on a journey, none is better than another, each have a different path.

If you ask why am I qualified to write this, it is because I have memories of “home” and my Star family. I am in constant communication with them and have been for quite some time. I can remember some of my Astral travel which includes going on-board my family’s ships. I also remember some nightly sojourns here on the Planet.

We have a huge contingent of ships in our skies called the Galactic Fleet. The Supreme Commander of this Fleet is a Being named Ashtar from the Pleiades. We have been told this fleet consists of billions of ships. Most of these are Scout ships, the Motherships are huge and are anchored farther away from the Planet. These ships are “cloaked” so they do not create fear among humanity.

Often they will show themselves briefly (the UFOs some people see). There are more and more of these sighting occurring  because the ETs want humanity to know of their presence. There is a write-up in The Edmonton Journal – April 13, 2016 about this very subject, photos, statistics & information. It is on page A2.  FYI Edmonton, Alberta has the fourth highest sightings of any city in Canada, this city followed Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver.

Remember The Phoenix Lights in March 1997? Thousands of people witnessed these lights which were identified as “Lights Over Phoenix”.  Fife Symington,  the governor at the time, was one witness to this incident. As governor he ridiculed the idea of alien origin, but several years later he called the lights he saw “otherworldly” after admitting he saw a similar UFO. (1)

The ships in our skies are from the Pleiades, Arctuus, Reticula, Andromeda, Orion & Sirius to name a few – there are many more.  There have been sighting as long as the ETs have been in our skies but this knowledge has been deliberately kept from the masses, that is all changing now as the “dark hats” are on their way out – the Light has won!

The Pleiadians are most prominent in our lives.This is because they provided the genetic and energetic model for early human development. They are the missing link in our evolution to our current form so we most closely resemble them.

The Arcturians are known as the “healers” of the Galaxy and are also prominent in our evolution. The Greys or AKA Zeta Reticulans are always with us because they oversee all Starseeds on earth. So many ETs have a role in our existence, in our evolution and all are cheering us on as we face the many challenges of 3D living.

To be incarnated on Earth is no small feat – the Angelic realm call this “Earth School” because it is a Planet of duality and as such ( with all it’s challenges ) a great place to learn the lessons we need to further our evolvement.

When the time is right, the Galactics will “de-cloak”, land, and they will then be able to assist further in cleaning up the Planet. They will help us advance in many areas such as medical and technological. We will finally learn the truth about our history, our roots and our past. There will be mentors for everyone during this adjustment time. I hope and pray that this occurs in my lifetime – I can hardly wait!!
Love and Light
April 13, 2016

Footnote (1) Source – Wikipedia

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